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benefits of being mutuals with me (copied from my previous account):

• i will try to say nice things
• on rare occasions i will make a funi edit to an image u post
• bad jokes
• video game
• talking about nerd stuff
• occasional posts about jazz
• the following declarations on a regular schedule
:blank:​• i'm gay
:blank:​• bed comfy
:blank:​• i'm sleepy
:blank:​• tea good
:blank:​• buni

eye contact mention 

re: eye contact mention 

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eye contact mention 

something i always go back and forth on -- wearing sweatpants to 7-11 a block away: rude or chill?

choose your fighter

Mojang,,,, please add hand holding in minecraft 😳

every time I type in :coff to get ☕ the emoji ⚰️ pops up, and i'm like "maybe, but not today"

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The Abrahamic Religions are:


Each one has a very unique theology, unique history, unique religious texts, and unique conceptualizations of the divine. They all share certain stories and characters but often have intensely different interpretations (in some of them Abraham is evil!!)

Don't say ""Abrahamic"" or "Judeo-Christian" when you just mean "Christian"

anyone else on jortage getting images loading kinda slow lately? Trying to figure out if it's my instance, my network, jortage itself, or just something else lol

my coworker just gchatted me “you’re amazing ty” and i was one second away from fucking uwuing back i had to slam the fucking breaks

Is your child sending homosexual texts? It's more likely than you think.

OMG: Oh My Gays

LMAO: Lesbians Manufacture Amazing Optimism

BRB: Bisexuals Read Books

LOL: Love of Lesbians

OML: Oh My Lesbians

BTW: Bisexual Trans Wisdom

YOLO: You Only Lesbian Once

everybody a hardass until they gotta go into a cave in minecraft VR

this upgrade is going way smoother than i feel like it should :blobcatglaredrink:

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