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benefits of being mutuals with me (copied from my previous account):

• i will try to say nice things
• on rare occasions i will make a funi edit to an image u post
• bad jokes
• video game
• talking about nerd stuff
• occasional posts about jazz
• the following declarations on a regular schedule
:blank:​• i'm gay
:blank:​• bed comfy
:blank:​• i'm sleepy
:blank:​• tea good
:blank:​• buni

Folks, can I get a fuck landlords?

ph (-) 

sometimes i like to reply to posts with something as simple as "that's cool" or "i love this" because i think it might feel like extra niceness for the recipient than just a fav


hot tech take 

Hello friend 😉 You would not happen to be doing any anti-cop things this fine day which you would like to inform me of 😇 😜 🤫 ? Have a cat maymay roflcopter 😹 !!!! Pets are so adorbz lol 😍 😋 !!! Almost as totes adorbz as telling me your best online friend about any fun seditious activities we and our fellow perpetrators are planning 😮 💣 🤭 🕵️ 😉 Isn't sharing names, dates, and details on the internet totally epic win pwnage 🧐 🤩 😂 🍆 🍑 🙌 ?????

radical idea 

bad joke i just thought of 

ph (mild -) 

Umami is the Japanese word for the art of reading your opponent 

im including the article part of these ads in the screenshot just to make sure you all know these are 100% real

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