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pro tip of you don't have a profile, an avatar, or any previous interactions with me i will very likely not accept your follow request

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benefits of being mutuals with me (copied from my previous account):

• i will try to say nice things
• on rare occasions i will make a funi edit to an image u post
• bad jokes
• video game
• talking about nerd stuff
• occasional posts about jazz
• the following declarations on a regular schedule
:blank:​• i'm gay
:blank:​• bed comfy
:blank:​• i'm sleepy
:blank:​• tea good
:blank:​• buni


if you think about it,,,,, theory books are basically just long threads somebody printed out


@hoppet this game is actually about all of the hollys building bridges between their homes

officially renaming poly bridge "holly bridge." no i will not answer questions at this time

I simply must show off my spearmint here, it's grown so much just this summer

long, ranty, covid adjacent, cdc 


"I'm what's left. Or...maybe I'm all there ever was."

ph, mostly positive 

i'm allowed three posts where i can post repeated :pogchamp:​s a week

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