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benefits of being mutuals with me (copied from my previous account):

• i will try to say nice things
• on rare occasions i will make a funi edit to an image u post
• bad jokes
• video game
• talking about nerd stuff
• occasional posts about jazz
• the following declarations on a regular schedule
:blank:​• i'm gay
:blank:​• bed comfy
:blank:​• i'm sleepy
:blank:​• tea good
:blank:​• buni

I cobbled together the new Jortage site I never really finished and deployed it

Leaving mastodon contact me at my geocities ff8 fan site

touched up these old pics with the proper different dye colours from the game

sitting on my bed now i'm in the comfort big leagues

And hello, again! Here's another quick artwork for my project. This time, it's of Totori in one of her initial prototype design outfits.

It has a very different feel, but you could see that enough ideas were kept in her final. I also was I inspired by a few interior design elements from other key art featuring her.

I hope those make it easier to see that this is Totori!

#AtelierSeries #kariavalonart #MastoArt

this is my new friend, hypolink. he’s not very smart but he’s doing his best :blobshibesmile:

doing necromancy on lenins corpse and bringing him back as a hot trans catgirl

anime piracy, streaming platforms 

looking for work, boosts okay 

game dev studio garbage 

just found out about IKEA KRUX and i love it. little creature.

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