let boys wear cute clothes and paint their nails and stuff they don't have to be trans girls or enbies

this post by someone with a brother who wears cute cloths and paints his nails and stuff and wants more representation

@hoppet I love this post. Positive, open, no hatred.

Also, your brother sounds cool.

@hoppet My only regret is that I have but one boost to give.

Growing up would have sucked less if I could pain my nails and wear dresses once in a while.

Give your Brother a high five and/or hug for me.

@hoppet so much this!!! I feel detached from masculinity without being separate from 'male' because of this stigma. I can play the game, but it's just a mask; I have zero interest in sportsball but if I voice that in most in-person social spaces, I get given Really Dirty Looks

@hyratel @hoppet Honestly, yeah. I'm male, I'm not a Man; I have no interest in sportsball or anything, and while I don't paint my nails, I do wear jewelry. :3

[Or I would if I felt comfortable wearing it in public.]

@hoppet👏 THANK YOU 👏
I JUST WANNA BE A CUTE BOY. THATS ALL I WANT!!! :blobfoxcheer: :blobfoxfloofcute: :blobfoxheart: :blobfoxflowerhair: :blobfoxmeltsoblove:

@hoppet masculinity is a jail, cuteness is the escape.

@hoppet This was how I started down the path to eventually being NB myself but that doesn't mean that's true of everyone

Boys should have the freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies and still be boys, if that's what they want

@hoppet i wanted to come back to this and say
i also feel like if you call yourself masc nonbinary and like to wear cute clothes and stuff then people think you're "the wrong type of nonbinary" or whatever
shit sucks i hate it

@hoppet @squeedoodle THIS. You can say "fuck off" to repressive gender roles no matter what your gender identity

Signed, cis masc guy who wears skirts and nail polish sometimes because I like them and don't think they make me any less masculine

@hoppet I so feel this one! I'd be that boy too if I were brave enough :S

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