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trying to put a santa hat on my avatar while the maintenance guy is here doing work and hoping he doesn't notice my anime-ass nonsense

Just give Reimu a tiny hitbox so she's really hard to touch but if you do hit her she takes 100% damage.

i was gonna make a post about how i hope the next eeveelution is ground-type, because i've been really missing a ground-type on my All Eevee All The Time team

but the only answer to "but what would it look like?" i can come up with is this

job hunt 


Plural people referring to fronting as "piloting the meat mech" will always be the funniest thing to me


you ever notice that samus holds her canon from below in Metroid fusion because she’s weaker than usual, as opposed to how she usually holds it with her hand on top?

why disability fraud is rare 

Silent night, holy night (bass boosted trance remix)

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