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Decided to start a business where lesbians and bi girls send me screenshots of texts/social media interactions between them and other girls and i tell them if it's flirting or not

One of my favorite little history facts is that the Confederacy had to redesign their second flag because when they actually hung it on a pole, you couldn’t see the colorful parts, so it just looked like a flag of surrender

job hunt 

why does nobody talk about how Mario always walks like the floor is ice
no other platformer protagonist is this bad at stopping fucking moving, the lack of control you have of this guy is pretty much the main thing that sets him apart and yet i've never seen anyone else mention this

"Hey, you know what humans are famously way better than computers at?"


so like... how is minecraft so enduringly popular and fun? it blows my mind but even after ten years i still love that game whenever i fire up a server or whatever.

...thank you, hatsune miku


私はワープロ馬鹿だと思う :blobtongue:

i was such a tomboy as a kid, i played with trucks and legos, all my friends were boys, my parents even thought i was a boy until i was like 19!

discord is trying to spellcheck my use of "woah" to "whoa" and i won't stand for this prescriptivist nonsense

drew a little troublemaker

I figure anyone who hangs out with Sonic long enough is gonna get at least a little rowdy hehe

anyways heres a doodle of miles "tails" prower, I didn't really worry about staying on model with this one

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