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i'm gay and i post. coincidence? doubtful

Each year I eagerly anticipate the release of the newest Unicode standard, so that I can find out what new emotions I'll get to experience
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melissa watches mha 

is it gay to live? You really being alive 😔😔☕️

a coward: Stuffed animals are for children and adults should grow out of them

me, an enlightened autist: stuffed animals are for everyone and markedly improve sleep, chilling, and overall quality of life

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Hi, it's me again, just a reminder: it's okay to be wrong. It happens to all of us. The important bit is how you handle having it pointed out to you.

And it's okay to respond with "I can not process this right now, let me get back to you", instead of say lashing out as a defense mechanism.

hydration, nonse 

re: holly is playing crusader kings 2 and making bad jokes 

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imagine if slashdot started speaking activitypub

imagine if an extremist techbro population, with ten years of evaporative distillation after multiple corporate buyouts chased out all the reasonable people, was dumped straight onto the fediverse

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just got a replacement head for my vacuum (the old one broke) time to go to hecking town on my carpets

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