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Welcome to holly.town! Anyone named Holly is welcome to join. Silliness aside, I created this website because I wanted my own Mastodon instance and snagged the URL holly.town. If your name is Holly and you would also like to be on holly.town please drop me a line @hoppet@holly.town or holly@hollyhoppet.net and I will send you an invitation. I don't have the biggest beefiest server nor the spoons to be an admin on Mastodon Dot Com so I'm trying to keep my user base small :P.

If your name is Holly and you're a bigot, cop, fascist, reactionary, or anything of the sort you can move along though, I don't want you here.

If you're a member of holly.town and would like to invite your partner(s) or best friend(s) or something DM me and I probably will be fine with it.

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